Friday, September 14, 2012

Email Updates

Earlier I was really trying to do a better job with this updating thing.  Time passes much more quickly than I think it does and all of a sudden, almost 2 months have passed without a word from me!  I resolved to take more pictures (at least one of something every day) and then stupid blogger wouldn't upload it.  I'm not that computer savvy to figure out why, so I was hoping it would resolve itself.

Apparently, it hasn't.  So, I think I'll just go back to doing email updates on our growing family.  That's something I can figure out.  haha.  If you want an email, let me know!  I'll try to send them out twice a month.  Maybe more if I can really stay on top of things. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I know I've been really slacking with this, but most of the time I don't want to use my precious nap/TV time writing a post.  I'd much rather clean, cook, or look up recipes or things to do with the kids.  Or read other people's blogs who are much more interesting than I.  Words never come out the way they are assembled in my head and it sounds much more dull than it should.  I guess that's why I don't do this for money... :) 

Texas...We've been here for 2 months now.  CRAZY.  It's been a fun and difficult 2 months.  I really miss friends.  It takes a lot longer to make friends than I realized.  We're in the biggest ward I have ever been in and there are tons of young families like us.  Lots of people to get to know, but you also get lost in the crowd and you are constantly meeting new people that you don't get to know any one family really well.  This weekend we are having our first family over for a dinner and games night!  I still don't have a calling in the ward, but apparently LOTS of people don't.  Awesome.  The area is great--lots of great things to do, but it seems to take longer to get there.  I miss my awesome Phoenix libraries, too. 

Ben...He's growing up so much!  He talks all the time now.  It was like someone flipped a switch inside him on the drive over here.  He likes to tell Ashlyn what to do and is trying to teach her the ABC's.  He also tried to put her in timeout yesterday.  haha!  He loves shows on PBS and playing in the pool as long as you don't hold him--he likes to stay on the step.  He scares easily.  He won't go for a walk if the lawnmower is in use.  Ben loves to run to Ashlyn with arms open wide and hug her.  Sometimes this can go on for 10 minutes or so.  I need to get out the video camera!

No, I don't usually put ponytails on boys, but I just bought the elastic bands for Ashlyn and he wanted one, too ;)

Ashlyn...likes to run away from you in parking lots.  She doesn't listen well on walks.  She loves Ben's tricycle and hates sharing.  She loves the pool and will kick her legs when on her tummy.  I think she's ready for lessons!  She likes PBS shows, too, but doesn't sit still very long.  She loves to lie down on me and snuggle while she sleeps.  She loves books.  She had her first at-home haircut in June.

This is what happens when you let a one-year old paint.

She can sleep anywhere!

Monday, May 28, 2012

We're Here!

We made it to Texas!  Life has been full of unpacking boxes, learning (read: getting lost) the area, and trying to see what exactly we have.  We left a few things behind in Tucson and then a few more in Phoenix, so I'm having to buy things that I once had.  Here are a few tidbits about the city and my kids:

The streets are all cement with a bunch of cracks, dips, fading lines, and school zones galore.  I've never seen so many school zones on major roads before. 

It's definitely humid.  Like, I-don't-leave-the-house-after-lunch humid (unless of course the kids are driving me CRAZY and then we brave the weather and get the mail).

Grass grows here.  Everywhere.  It's like magic.  There's even grass on both sides of the sidewalk and tree-lined streets!  Ahhh...Perfect.

Ben could eat PB&J all day long.  The seal on our fridge isn't great, so he can easily open it which is both a blessing and a curse.  Whenever he wants something, he pulls it out of the fridge.  We go through at least 2 loaves of bread a week.  Today for breakfast he ate homemade banana bread oatmeal, blueberries, 1 slice french toast, cheese, and some cereal.  I don't think my grocery budget can handle that.

He will only eat goldfish if a) Ashlyn is eating it or b) it's the only snack left on earth. 

Ben wants to play with anything Ashlyn is playing with.  She definitely has the better taste in toys.

Ashlyn will eat anything, anytime, any place.  If you have food, she'll instantly be your best friend.

Ashlyn's best defense is the classic bite.  She has 8 teeth now and can really do some damage. 

She barks at any animal she sees whether it's a dog, cat, bird, or squirrel.

Both of them LOVE to brush their teeth and scream bloody murder should you dare take the toothbrush away. 

Ashlyn is entering her terrible twos.  I think this is why people don't have kids so close together.  Trying to drag two wandering children up the stairs while lugging a double stroller and sippys, snacks, and diapers just isn't fun.  Then of course it's a blast when they both decide that walking is not an option and they fall to the floor in the middle of the street.  Luckily, Ben is showing a bit more maturity each day.  It just might be my saving grace.

I think I need to take some more pictures of the kids here, what do you think? 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Enchanted Island

A little amusment park nearby had a discounted day--$3 for unlimited rides!  I was all over it.  It was a Ben and Mommy date and we had a blast.  Here are some pictures!

He loved it!  He didn't figure out how to make the plane fly, so he was the only one not in the air. 


Here are some better late than never Easter pictures.  We went with the purple theme for all of us. 

Ben opens EVERY egg before going on to the next one.  Note to self:  don't put ANY candy in the eggs next year unless it is in a little baggie or individually wrapped.  Ashlyn didn't quite get the hang of it.

Mixed Emotions

Right now, I'm feeling...
...excited to be moving to a new place
...nervous to be moving to a new place
...sad to be leaving family

I can't wait to learn a new area, find new things to do, and be on our own again.  I wish that didn't also come with leaving old friends and family behind and paying bills.  Can't I have my cake and eat it, too?  I'm looking forward to making new friends (let's cross our fingers since I'm pretty shy at first, but let's face it--Alex is pretty social haha) and keeping the old ones.  I am definitely NOT looking forward to a 16 hour drive with my one and two year olds.  I've scouted out a bunch of parks to stop and play along the way.  I've never driven so much in my life.  My help with driving during road trips consists of an hour or two max after gently persuading my hubby that he needs a break or when I was younger it was trying to convince my parents that yes, I really can drive on the highway.  lol.  I thought I was doing pretty good with the whole packing thing, but now I'm growing a little nervous.  I keep finding more stuff that's ours.  haha.  I'm also nervous about the apartment we're renting since I've never seen it before in my life.  Here goes the adventure of a lifetime!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Decision!

I'm trying to type this quickly because I have 2 screaming children who apparently are hungry because they didn't seem to care for the homemade pierogies tonight, a living room that desperately needs to be vacuumed, and a kitchen brimming with dirty dishes. 
Oh, and about 45 boxes to pack...
That's right, folks, we're moving to Texas!  We found an apartment (hopefully it's nice) and we've booked hotels and a moving truck.  Now all that's left to do is pack, which is becoming increasingly difficult with children and a primary class to teach and laundry, etc that still needs to be done.  UGH.  Wish me luck!